ZIN Labs

As a manufacturer of technical apparel, we do a lot of research to understand the performance capabilities of fabrics. In our findings, some manufacturers do not publish durability ratings or publish durability ratings that are difficult to understand in practical terms without providing details.

We created ZIN Labs to test the durability and performance of our products, and to educate our customers about how different our products are from one another. We have designed and built custom testing machinery to provide a consistent and controllable testing environment.

ZIN Labs impact abrasion test cell ver. 1

ZIN LABS impact abrasion test cell ver. 1 is based on a similar concept used to develop the test cell for EN13595-1 Impact Abrasion Resistance testing. Our objective is not to duplicate the EN13595-1 testing. We are interested in fabric insight to obtain measurable data for use in comparative analysis of fabrics and materials.

Why does it all mean?

It’s quite simple. Most people just wear 100% cotton denim jeans when they ride. Our testing allows us to define how much more durable a product is compared to 100% cotton denim jeans.

Comparative analysis of fabrics and materials

Based on a Controlled & Repeatable test procedure ZIN Labs has cataloged a large reference library of material test results ranging from 8 oz 100% cotton denim (everyday jeans), kevlar fabric blends, spectra fabric blends, UHWMPE fabric blends and leathers up to 1.5 mm in thickness.

How we test our materials - simplified explanation

  1. Secure the test fabric to a weighted ball that is flattened on one side.
  2. Drop the weighted fabric from a specific height onto a belt that is traveling at 20km per hour. 
  3. Sensors start the timer upon surface contact and stop the timer once the fabric is fully abraded. 

Test Details

The goal of our tests is to accurately measure the time in seconds for a fabric to fully abraded.

To determine how far a fabric can slide before a 25mm diameter hole fully abrades we use the following formula:

SD = TT x SS
SD: Slide Distance units are in Meters
TT: Test Time is in Seconds based
SS: Surface Speed = 5.55 Meters per second [20km/hr]

Example 1:

A popular 8 oz 100% cotton denim jean Test Time is 0.5 seconds.

SD = TT x SS
TT= 0.5 seconds
SS=5.55 m/sec
SD=0.5 x 5.55
SD=2.775 meters

8 oz 100% cotton denim jean will slide 2.775 meters before it fully abrades.

Example 2:

ZIN 2016 A537

SD = TT x SS
TT1= 1.4 seconds SINGLE LAYER area
TT2= 1.4 seconds SECOND LAYER area
TT3= 2.1 seconds ZIN GREY LINER 480gsm
SS=5.55 m/sec

SD1,2,3=[1.4+1.4 + 2.1] x 5.55
SD1,2,3=27.19 meters

SD1,3=[1.4 + 2.1] x 5.55
SD1,3=19.4 meters

2016 A537 will slide 27.19 meters with all layers 1,2,3 combined before it fully abrades-2016 A537 will slide 19.4 meters with layers 1 & 3 combined before it fully abrades.